Electroline® is committed to manufacturing quality electrical conduit, fittings and outlet boxes with a Guaranteed 100% Product Performance and to support electrical distributors, contractors and OEMs ensuring the quality and integrity of their products. Electroline® offers a suitable product and/or solution for all applications including residential, commercial and industrial. As such, Electroline® products can be found in every construction project like a large Olympic Stadium, a high rise building, an underground tunnel, a power plant or a petrochemical refinery.

The diversity of products Electroline® offers provides customers with the ability to simplify their supply chain management. Furthermore, Electroline® does not simply offer products. Every order we ship is wrapped up with a value to suit your specific requirements depending upon where you are in the world. Electroline® has the capability to ship to your location, prepare the required documentation (Certificate of Origin, Chamber of Commerce Attestation, and Legalization) handle and/or supervise QA/QC inspections such as SGS or Bureau Veritas for

  • Documentation Control
  • Inspection
  • Approval & Certification